Be More Reasonable To Buy Furniture Decoration

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Be More Reasonable To Buy Furniture Decoration

Be More Reasonable to Buy Furniture Decoration

Preface: decoration space with two cases, the first refurbished furniture; first selecting and then determine the renovation program. Either way the former, the end result with harmony and unity between the two.

Most people are finished renovation buy furniture, because many designers will not be accompanied by the owners to pick the furniture, so the owners like what kind to buy what, do not care about decoration space with disrupted the overall style of the decoration of the home. With the increasingly high demand for home decoration, and decoration space with a new topic. Space and decoration both cases, the first decorated furniture; first selecting and then determine the renovation program. Either way the former, the end result with harmony and unity between the two. Real Estate Forum, decoration forum owners forum

First renovated ride Furniture

The light-colored decoration environment is easy to ride light furniture

In the renovation, many families want every place to become the visual center, to the contrary, this lack of visual center. Renovation independent space best only a visual center and the main colors. To the living room, for example, the floor often determines the main colors of the decoration and decorative sofa occupies an important place, so after purchasing a sofa in the decoration, we must consider whether the color of the sofa and floor coordination. The main colors of soft decorations should also be consistent with the main colors of the decoration. Overall, the configuration depends decoration color and spatial layout and size and other factors.

Generally light-colored home environment with a light-colored furniture, curtains, fabric, sofas and other soft furnishings are the shallow neutral colors mainly in decorative painting and crafts with colorful color-based, but smaller than important. If the main light-colored furniture, soft furnishings set highlight color, this very theme sense.

The light-colored layering rich home decoration black oak or red oak furniture, sofas, curtains and other soft furnishings can be beige, light coffee, gray and purple gray. White home environment is easier to create a simple, crisp, personalized style of the home, so it is more suitable to select the panel furniture, less heavy sense of European and sleek lines of the new Chinese furniture. However, currently with a considerable degree of flexibility, Chinese and Western, modern and classical content multi-style design mainstream mix is not a hard limit with each other in the same style, sometimes in a style keynote twelve pieces of other styles of furniture, but the special effects.

Hint: the general style of the decoration of the room should be determined first before the renovation, which would allow designers recommended suitable for this style of decoration furniture, even if accompanied by no designer can also pick to the satisfaction furniture.

Quiet area suitable place beds wardrobe

The selection of furniture after the completion of the renovation, in addition to considering the mix and decoration effect, but also to consider the position of the furniture. Generally used to separate rooms divided into three zones: a quiet area far away from the windows, the light is relatively weak, and the noise is relatively small, placed beds, wardrobe and other more appropriate; bright area near the windows, bright light, suitable for read and write, to put desk, bookshelves; Action Area aisle door room, in addition to walking activities can be placed in this area such as sofas, tables and chairs.

The arrangement of the furniture should be the size of phase contrast, level of connecting patchwork. Side of both small and small, can make use of bonsai, knick-knacks and wall decoration equilibrium effects. Tall with low with each other should also be arranged. Highly consistent combination cabinet rigorous more than change; ups and downs over a large combination of furniture, could easily lead to a cluttered feel. So, do not close to the low such as beds, sofas large wardrobe, so as not to generate a sense of imbalance. As a transitional furniture, chest of drawers, food cabinet, bedside cabinets and other to get a vivid rhythmic visual effects.

On the overall shape of the furniture, the requirements of the main characteristics of each piece of furniture and Process consistent. As a set of furniture, not some square columns, some round, otherwise it will seem very uncoordinated. Meanwhile, the detail treatment consistent with the requirements of the furniture. Paint color on a paint colors also need to be consistent. More emphasis on the workmanship of the materials used, its consistency.

Tip: not all replacement of furniture with new and original furniture, need to be noted. Advance to communicate with the designer, the clever design of the old-style in new homes in the appropriate space.

first purchase furniture decoration

Like furniture before the selection of design

Before decoration design first major city and stores, looking for their favorite furniture, style characteristics to give the owners a very intuitive visual experience, so as to know their favorite style design features. If you've booked a good design company, can also be brought to the designer's store like your hobby and style so that the designer will be able to accurately grasp can avoid miscommunication caused by the differences in the understanding of.

Tip: rooms facing the furniture with color is not the same, such as the West, to the living room, on the green as the main colors matching sofa, coffee table.

Is tearing down walls or walls made of a separating wall decoration, are blunt in form, and the soft partition, the advantage of removable and functional zoning soft, easy and home-style whole harmonization. For example, a restaurant living room one can use the sofa to divide the different use of space. Lyrics Home Forum

For the initial renovation, purchase furniture, must know that they need to put somewhere furniture, so that you can know the pre-need the number of socket, what kind of interface, circuit design, it is easy to be reasonable.

Tip: The scale should not exceed the size of the room space, longest space diagonal corner of the passages and stairways can not be greater than the maximum diagonal, so bought in order to ensure a smooth move into the door.

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Be More Reasonable To Buy Furniture Decoration