Brands To Consider When Shopping For Office Furniture

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Brands To Consider When Shopping For Office Furniture

Brands to Consider When Shopping For Office Furniture

Shopping for office furniture yet anxious about which one to go for? You certainly want to be sure which brand is best aside from the specs. So, before a sales agent comes to you and starts preaching his polished sales speech to convince you to buy something you actually don't need or eventually will regret about in the future, here are brands to consider when shopping for office furniture pieces.

Herman Miller

It's a brand known for its inventive furniture designs that aim to improve human experience. It started manufacturing furniture back in 1905 under the name Star Furniture. Just recently, Herman Miller took home a Gold Stevie Award in the tenth annual American Business Awards in the Company of the Year - Consumer Products - Durables category. Isn't that enough to say this brand deserves the first mention in this list?

The HON Company

HON offers many different office furniture solutions to decorate your workplace. The company is inspired by practicality and aspires to inaugurate purposeful product solutions that surpass market demands. They have an exhaustive line of file storage cabinets, chairs, tables, desks and cubicles. This brand is certainly among the good ones you should watch for.

Haworth Furniture

Haworth is known for its adaptable workspaces such as movable walls, raised floors and office furniture. It started from a garage back in 1948, and now it is one of the widely recognized furniture brands. Haworth's full range of interior solutions can be seen applied in their Chicago showroom, which won the IIDA 2004 NeoCon Best Large Showroom Award. If you are curious about how their innovations can help you end up with very conducive workplace, you should visit their showroom.


Steelcase Inc. is another furniture manufacturer aiming to provide superior human experience by creating high performing and sustainable workplaces with the use of its line of innovative office furniture products. They started in 1912 and currently celebrating their 100th year anniversary. What is very attractive about Steelcase is that their creations are based on how people spend their time at work, which only means your efficacy is supported by their products.


TechlineUSA, carrying a reputation of over 40 years, is a leading maker of office furniture, laminate casework and millwork. Their product lines allow patrons to standardize and customize according to preferences. They started manufacturing residential furniture back in 1960s and experienced a greater demand, which prompted them to buy a new location and built a new factory later in the 60s. The competitive prices of their products probably have been a factor of their greater number of customers.


Knoll took advantage of modern design to unite its customers with their world. Their 70 year of existence is already a good proof that their brand has been gaining a great share of loyal patrons in the furniture market. Knoll product lines respond and adapt to changing needs. This means, no matter how you modify your workplace to serve your needs; knoll has the solutions.


This brand is known for its multi-functional seating product lines. If you are looking forward to enhancing the look-and-feel of your business reception area, different seating products from La-Z-Boy Contract Furniture can make a good reception seating arrangement. In 1971, the company introduced reclining office chair to the furniture market. Since then, they've been growing dramatically, now serving a broad range of healthcare and office furniture.


Talking about high-end office systems and related furniture products, Teknion should be the first brand to look for. It is like if you need mobile furniture, ergonomic seating, architectural wall systems, filing storage, freestanding casegoods and other several lines of systems furniture, Teknion is the name. The company only started serving the furniture market in the early 1980s with its office systems products, but their offerings are so in demand forcing them to expand their product lines to many other functional office furniture products in just a short period of time.


I hear you asked about cubicles, so here is one trusted brand, Maxon. This company has over 30 years of experience in furniture manufacturing solidifying the quality, value and reliability of their products. In fact, they ship thousands of orders to different organizations every year. Their products are designed to aid productivity problems and improve retention. No more employees complaining about how their workstations are adding up to the stress and tension they feel.

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Brands To Consider When Shopping For Office Furniture