Furniture Needed To Start Up A New Daycare

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Furniture Needed To Start Up A New Daycare

Furniture Needed To Start up a New Daycare

As you mapped out your business plan, you could not help but get excited. Why not? It is a rare and rewarding opportunity to watch children grow and discover the wonders of the world around them. Your new daycare will provide many unparalleled experiences, unveil lasting friendships and help families fulfill their dreams. With 65% of today's mothers returning to the workforce by the time their children are five or under, your future is bright for a growing client base, loads of fun, plenty of work and a full dose of responsibility.

Whether your new daycare is in your home or in a larger, more public setting, you will be inspired by laughter, rewarded with progress and appreciated by children and parents alike. Regardless of the size of your center, you will need to invest in new age daycare furniture, storage containers, play structures, toys and games, craft supplies, feeding utensils and teaching tools.

Like all daycare operators, you will have a budget. The decisions you make about the products and furniture at your daycare can make your job a lot easier and can ensure the safety of your children. You can bet that parents are checking out everything at your center and that their first concern is always safety.

If you have not shopped for daycare furnishings lately, you are in for a pleasant surprise. Today's products are inspected and tested for safety. They are sturdy and durable and easy to clean. Your investment should produce returns for years to come.

Most manufacturers know what you want and need. Distributors are happy to offer free consultation. Most online providers of daycare furniture, equipment and supplies are supported by telephone customer service personnel, who will welcome queries. Manufacturers stand behind their products with numerous guarantees and warranties.

Preschool daycare needs are different than the needs of school-aged children. Whether you are starting from scratch or adding to your inventory, the distributor's customer service department can customize a package or explain pre-packaged offerings.

Below is a list of some possible items that can set your daycare apart.

-Cots, mats, carpets

-Classroom tables and chairs

-Housekeeping station, including mop, broom, duster and dustpan

-Double sized chalkboard easel

-Mobile Single storage units

-Puppet theater

-5-section seat locker

-Tip-me-not sink

-Tip-me-not hutch

-Double sided book display case


-Double bench

-Single bench

-Sand and water table and lid

-Clear trays

-See-all storage unit

-Changing table


These are a sampling of today's standard products used at most daycares. You will want to check that hinges are safe and have anti-pinching protection. Movable items should have sturdy, durable casters. You may also want to make sure that larger items arrive fully assembled.

All daycare furniture edges and corners should be rounded or curved. If you have any concerns as you read or study the item, address your concerns to your customer service representative, who should also clarify the warranty, shipping and receiving terms. Most manufacturer warranties are for the life of the product.

As passionate and rewarding as the daycare operation can be, it is also a business and quite a serious business at that. Most states require regular inspections for licensing. Insurance companies will also want to know about the safety of your products. You should feel free to consult with someone in the industry and to visit existing daycare operations. You will find most operators helpful and anxious to impart some wisdom.

Note what items are in those centers and how the children are responding to them. That may well be the biggest and best resource you will has the very best daycare equipment and supplies in the industry, at the very best value and with the very best intent for our children in mind. They don't just sell the products for your early childhood centers, they sell a commitment to customer satisfaction with each and every order. Visit online today.

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Furniture Needed To Start Up A New Daycare