How To Care For Oak Furniture

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How To Care For Oak Furniture

How to Care for Oak Furniture

Caring for Oak Furniture

Oak Furniture can become a member of the family as long as it is cared for as such. The beauty of Oak Furniture pieces is its ability to last a lifetime and even if dents and wearing begin to show it only adds character and sophistication to a piece. The durability of Oak Furniture is much more than that of more modern day fashionable' furniture however that does not mean that we can completely forget about it and leave it to rack and ruin, with a little bit of love and care we can ensure that our Oak Furniture will be passed down to generation and generation. Here is a few simple tips to keep your Oak Furniture looking refreshed and revitalised:

Day to Day Care

It is recommended that you do keep on top of the dusting when it comes to Oak Furniture as depending on the finish eg: lacquered, natural and oiled finishes; dust partials can tend to sit and build up in the grooves and knotting which after a considerable amount of time can lead to surface impairment. It is advised that you do not use a general household duster on your natural or oiled Oak Furniture as these just move the dust particulars from place to place. A lint free cloth is usually the best tool for the job as they do not snag easily and have no sharp elements within them. It is not recommended to use household polish on natural or oiled Oak furniture but it's fine for lacquered or varnished Oak, instead just dampen the cloth ever so slightly (do not have excess water within the cloth, make sure it is wrung out thoroughly) and working with the grain wipe down the whole piece, this will ensure that dust particles stick to the cloth.

Long Term Care

It is recommended that on average once every 8-10 months you treat your natural or oiled Oak Furniture with tung or boiled linseed oil. It does depend on what finish has been used on your Oak Furniture as to how best treat it so it's always good to check with the manufacturer. Finishes such as lacquer or varnish for example will not be treated in this way as they are already Sealed'. For untreated or oiled finished Oak Furniture the use of tung or boiled linseed oil prolongs its condition and also gives it a revitalised refreshed look enhancing the colours and giving it a sharper appearance. Only a small amount of oil is needed on a lint free cloth as a little goes a long way. Work in sections and make sure that you always work with the grain, apply pressure so as to ensure that the oil is worked right into the grain. The results will be evident straight away and rest assured the oil scent will fade after a while.

Scratches, bumps and bruises

It is quite likely that at some point throughout your Oak Furniture's life it will be subjected to a scratch, a chip or a stain but don't worry as the beauty and USP of Oak Furniture is its ability to be on most occasions easily repaired or touched up. Please note again that this does not apply to lacquered or varnished wood as previously mentioned as they are sealed and cannot be repaired so easily. Handy tools to have under the kitchen sink are the tung or boiled linseed oil and also some fine wire wool. In the instance of a scratch or a liquid stain use a small amount of wire wool and apply light pressure on the stain or scratch until you see it disappearing into the grain, wipe over with a dry cloth and then apply a small amount of the oil to the area again working with the grain. Light scratches more often than not will completely disappear however even if the scratch is deep once you apply the oil it will work into the grain and become one of the character marks that adds a little history to your furniture. If your Oak Furniture is subjected to more of an impact on the sides or corners, these will need to be sanded down (depending on how much of a dent will depend on what sanding tool is required) you can round of the edges or just plain them down until the indentation has been removed, again apply the tung or boiled linseed oil to the area to finish. The thing to remember with untreated or oiled Oak Furniture is its pliable nature, don't be afraid to work with it and if needs be change its shape slightly to suit.

Most importantly remember if you treat your Oak Furniture with the love and respect it deserves it will provide you with a lifetime of good service.

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How To Care For Oak Furniture