Top 3 Points Worth Checking On When Buying Wooden Outdoor Furniture

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Top 3 Points Worth Checking On When Buying Wooden Outdoor Furniture

Top 3 Points Worth Checking on When Buying Wooden Outdoor Furniture

The type of wood being used for your furniture is the primary issue in determining how long your furniture will last in the year round weather. Your furniture might have been made of hardwood, softwood, or engineered wood. Hardwood furniture comes generally from deciduous trees, such as teak, cherry, birch, oak, maple, walnut, etc. As they grow with layers of moisture on their skins, manufacturers need to first air-dry them and then kiln-dry to remove all those moisture.

Redwood, fir, pine and cedar are coniferous trees and produce softwood.Good quality furniture is made out of these trees. They can last for decades and resist scratches and dents. People prefer pure wood furniture to plywood or engineered wood furniture. The reason is they can provide strength, and help prevent splitting or warping provided furniture is made out of good quality wood such as Redwood. For outdoor furniture and structures like arched pergolas, picnic tables, etc., Redwood can be an ideal choice because the wood has a beautiful appearance and is extremely decay and insect resistant in any weather.

How the Furniture is constructed:

The way furniture is built determines its attractiveness, functionality, and has a bearing on how long it will last. The most important factor for wood furniture is the quantity of lumber used. If the piece is lightweight, it offers a lot less resistance to the elements. This is why tables and benches made for public parks are always hefty. There are many fancy joinery techniques that apply well for interior furniture, but for exterior furniture it is most important to work with hefty pieces of good quality wood that are finely finished and then attached with hardware that is decay resistant. The best hardware to use is stainless steel. In general, it is important to shy away from manufacturer that use glues, nails and staples as these will often fail in severe weather conditions.

The best furniture shops offer customization where you can have a piece sized and/or designed to meet your particular needs. If you find a carpentry firm offering hand-made indoor or outdoor furniture, you are usually dealing with a company that has a high level of expertise. If this company also uses high quality lumber in a thick timber design, you have the best case scenario if you are looking for a purchase that will not have to be replaced for decades.

Finish of the Product:

Finishes span from high-gloss to matte. A top-quality finish is smooth and free from dust specks, rough spots, or bubbles. Top-quality furniture is finished on the underside and on the back as well to minimize the chances of shrinking or swelling. So, look for the depth and richness in the finish. Remember that splintered edges, very glossy or cloudy surface, dull spots on the body, or rough surface are the signs of poorly finished furniture.

Good quality furniture tends to be costlier because of the quantity and quality of the wood used. In the long run, the good quality furniture saves you money because you do not have to replace your set after a few years. Outdoor finishes range widely. The best finishes are penetrating oil finishes or Alkyd Oil finishes. Whether buying window planters, picnic tables, garden benches, or a garden arbor, look for good quality wood, lots of it, good hardware and a quality penetrating oil finish and you will not have to worry about your set still being in the yard in 20 years.

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Top 3 Points Worth Checking On When Buying Wooden Outdoor Furniture